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EMF Oil Blend

This blend was created to protect from EMF.

With the energy we get from 5G towers, cell phones, cell phone towers, microwaves etc.

To provide cellular & mental support, Immune system and nervous system support to protect for radiation.

Emotional balance and support red blood cells, grounding.

To help heal from radiation exposure, assist to skin and tissue to regeneration, to sooth skin from radiation, calming and prevent scarring.

Help to detoxification of toxins, chemicals and stimulate liver cells.

Apply  on heart, down the arch of feet and outside of feet on little toe side all the down.

54.10+ shipping in US 4.75

$54.10 +international  shipping $16.25

Solar Plexus Oil Blend

This oil is to help pull out toxins from the liver.

Boost you immune system, pull out anger, grief, fear and sorrow.

and support the solar plexus and liver area.

Bring more joy and power to your life.

Bring in integrity and honoring self, relaxed and fulfilled.

$22.00 + shipping in US $4.75 or

 $22.00 +International shipping $16.25

$20.55 + shipping in US 4.75

international $16.25

Radiation & Scar Tissue Oil Blend

This blend was created to assist one's that have had radiation or has scar tissue from surgery and have scar tissue build from they'er surgery.

Apply to the area of concern.

$36.00 + shipping in US $4.75 

 or shipping to international $16.25

Divine Goddess Oil Blend

The blend has oils never been used before.

Very powerful to help with feeling stuck, emotional trauma, bring in calmness.

Take you to magical walk through the woods, remind you of the Goddess you are, give you strength to be powerful and trust yourself.

May help remove toxins out of your home and self.

With all the unsureness and crazy day we need some balance and grounding ourselves and harmony wisdom.

The may assist in feeling alive again, stimulate your passion and stay positive. We need to take risk and have confidence in facing our fears. break free from limitations.

Become creative again to be the Goddess you were born to be, imagination, fulfill your dreams.This oil may help with discovering your inner passion, celebrate the joy in life.

Put unhealed experience behind you to become restored and healthy.

Hold strong boundaries, evasive your motivation.

Bring back the sweet smells of childhood.

Diffuse or use as your new perfume.

 $40.00+ shipping in US 4.75

international $16.25

BACK OFF Oil Blend

This blend is to let others know to back off.

You've got the with confidence, your have the courage to stand up for yourself.

So just back off. You can't hook into my business or my space.

I've been doing this for a long time and I've learned my lessons well.

I've worked hard and enjoining my life.

I've manifested this and love living my dream.

You can't get me emotionally or physically anymore.

I'm living in integrity.

I'm not tolerating anymore.

I'm grateful all the lessons that I've learned  but I've learned to move on in abundantly.

You can't block me from moving forward and being creative.

$16.00 + shipping in US $4.75 or International shipping $16.25

I'M Back

This blend was created to get back into your passion.

if you have to kick and scream, pushing whatever to take you back into your passion. Keep it flowing.

Value yourself, DO'NT push yourself till you get sick. Take a break.

This blend is to help you "live your dreams" your passion, keep you motivated, bring in self-worth, confidence, face your fears. Bring the zest of life, love yourself, take a breath.

$20.00 + shipping in US $4.75 ,&international shipping $16.25

I have a few of Pattis oils and they are all fabulous and high vibrational, I really don't know what Patti does but I can INSTANTLY feel a shift, when placing a small amount on me.. even her hand sanitizer is incredible, I placed it on my hands and light felt like my hands raised in vibration.. incredible! Her oils are a must have during these highly energetic and sensitive time! Blessings Patti

Jen Funt

So several years ago I was diagnosed with low thyroid and told I would have to take synthetic thyroid medicine the rest of my life, I tried it a few times and it made my whole body feel funny.

I told my doctor that I didn't want to take it any more and would like to use essential oil instead.

My doctor literally screamed at me for about a hour telling me there was no way that I could get them to work and could only take the synthetic. Well with the help of Patti we created a blend and I started using it that night. I had a check up two weeks later and my doctor was blown away that my numbers looked fantastic, she didn't believe it was from the oils but rather a faulty test. She had me take another one a month later and viola numbers still looked amazing. I have now been using it for a number of years and had now blood tests done many times, my numbers have looked amazing every time. I highly recommend her blend. I was also diagnosed with diabetes three weeks ago, my numbers were through the roof at 384. I was told I would most likely be put on insulin and my new doctor told me she would be interested to see if oils would help when I told her I really did not want to take insulin. She also was very skeptical about this. I had a check up with her the other day and had been tracking my numbers twice a day. She say my numbers and told me they look absolutely fantastic and wanted to know what I was doing besides diet to change them so dramatically is such a short time (my numbers ranged from 74-124). I informed her I was using a oil blend. By the end she was wanting me to send her what all was in it because she was blown away. I highly recommend Patti for any and all need for oils her blend are amazing, so much research, heart and soul go into everyone.

Jaison Daniel

All oil blends are a tool to assist you...They are NOT intended to replace advice or medication from your physician.

All Oil Blends are Non Refundable. By Placing an order you agree to both.


Approximately a year ago my mother was diagnosed with Lypo Sarcoma. She had a tumor the size of a butternut squash located on her upper left back by her shoulder. They removed the tumor and treated her with radiation for 7 1/2 weeks. The radiation was fairly intense to ensure all cancerous cells were dead. The radiation severely burned her skin and made her more sedentary during her recovery stage. She began to have issue with the inability to move her left shoulder and arm, also with pain in her lower back and sciatica. She contacted Patti Sexton where she immediately came up with a treatment plan using her essential oils and her methodology’s with reflexology. She was in constant contact and providing her services during her recovery period. Because of Patti’s knowledge concerning essential oils kept my mother on the right path to recovery. Also during this timeframe I sustained an injury from long distance running to my peroneal tendons that halted my running. Patti provided me with an essential oil blend to help with the healing and inflammation to the tendon. Now I am up and running again.

Sandy Spence 

Blessed Clearing Room Spray

This was created to clear negative energy out, bring in uplifting vibrations in & assist with cleaning the air for bacteria, viral, to assist with staying healthy.

You can spray around the room and on yourself.

$7.33 + shipping in US 4.75 or international $16.25

Sunny Solstice

This blend was created on the solstice.

To assist with love & trust, emotional healing, to help those who have become stagnant in progression & manifesting their passion, to communicate & stay calm, become creative, motivated, uplifted, confident, clarity, courageous, accepted, to shine, integrity, self-awareness, love yourself & others, higher consciousness, believe in miracles, zest of life.

Put on wrist, well of dreams.

$46.00 + shipping US $4.25 International $15.25

New Beginnings

To blend was created to assist with new beginnings. Feeling your worthy, self-awareness, clarity, energized, renewal, strengthened, rejuvenated, grounded, connected, optimistic, cheerful, abundant, enlightened, rebirth, break free from limitation, positive, perspective, fire starter for motivation, transformation, open to change, restored, encouragement, trust in the divine, uplifting, fulfilled.

Put on heart chakra & solar plexus.

$35.00 + shipping US shipping international $15.25

Ninja Power Oil Blend

OMG is blend is so powerful. It's a combination of 85 oils mixed together to assist you with setting strong boundaries, protecting yourself, staying in your own powers, shielding yourself from others

energy and warding your energy so someone doesn't take you down.

Bring more happiness, joyfulness and laughter into your life.

Keep the hookers in their own corner and leave you alone, releasing past abuse, keeping the bitches off. Kick into your power & become happy again, to live your life in peace.

I infused it with stones to help watch over your shoulders, protect again the evil eye.

Apply to navel, heart and back of neck, or diffuse.



M S is an auto immune disease. You can have the systems without have MS. I have heard of a lot of people having these systems so I decided to make a oil blend to assist with the systems. Blurring vision, tingling, burning pain in parts of body, tremors, dizziness, loss of correlation, memory problems.

Put in between fingers & toes(webbing) arch of feet, back of neck, temples, behind ears down to jaw, and big toes pad.

$15.88 + shipping $4.75 international $16.25

Ringing Ears

To help with ringing in the ears.

NEVER put oils in ears.

Apply behind ears & or on ear pressure point on feet.


Releasing the Lunatic

Release the struggle from the moon's pull with ease and grace.

Feeling of renewal, cleansing, confidence, restored, tolerant, emotional release, understanding, patient, grounded, stable, moving into the flow, truth, healing, energizing. I've added the blue moon oil to aid with calming & reflecting on the past of lessons we've learned.


Let go of Abuse

Do you suffer from Abuse?

Physical, Sexual, Verbral or Emotional?

Apply to back of ears, hands, heart & around ankles.


Deprogramming Oil Blend

This blend was created for repairing the DNA, inner guidance, integrity, self- sabotage, ability to adjust, revitalizing, purifying & open to new experiences, become peaceful, surrender to grace and grounding, emotional honesty, authentic, motivated, objective, self control, mental sobriety, cleansing, liberated, detached from negative energy, untroubled, forgiving the past, worthy, self-aware, generational healing, wisdom, transforming, determined, centered, aligned, open, trusting, pioneering, breaking the chain, embracing positive family connections, cultivating healthy traditions, feeling equal & compassionate.

Apply on the well of dreams.


Headache Relief

Do you suffer from migraines, tension or stress headaches?

If so this may assist you with using it on the back of neck, temples, forehead.


Rise your energy

This blend was created to assist you to bring your energy levels up.

Don't use before bed. Best to use in the morning on top of feet.



Created to assist with pain, tenderness, and aches.

Apply to affected areas & top of feet from base of toes to over up of ankles.


Allergy Relief

Do you suffer from runny nose, pollens, dust, pets?

This oil was created to assist with allergies.

Apply to sinuses, bottom of feet, chest area's or diffuse.


Unmask Your Truth

This blend was created to stand in your power, unmask your passion, and don't be afraid to say or do what you believe in, stay motivated.

Assist with not being violated, be protected, trust and be safe, feel supported, be pride of who you are & NO more hiding, stand in your truth, say what you believe it without someone chastening you.

Apply on back of neck, behind ears or diffuse.


Epstein Bar Oil Blend

This was created for those who feel like they have mono but don't just have systems like inflammation, can stimulate the immune system, feeling fatigue, Exhaustion physical and mental,

you may have Epstein Bar having system without having mono, having weakness, tired, swollen lymph nodes, headache, it can affect the immune system and have thyroid issues, chronic fatigue, depression, stress, may assist for energizing, improve digestive system, calming to body & mind, boosting the adrenal grands, respiratory system.

Apply on lymphatic pressure points and circulation pressure points.


Oil of the Month

This oil is a blend that can assist you with the energies from the universe for the month. I combined the oils that can aid you with whatever is going on is the universe to help you handle the energies better. I combine oils, reiki energy, infuse a stone of the week and all my oils are infused with the full moon and new moon energies along with I infuse love and healing blessings in them all.

Standard Size $20.00

All my oil blends are a tool to assist you but NOT to replace anything from Medical Dr. 

Lazy Man's Exercise

This blend was created to assist with releasing serotonin & reduce levels of cortisol to aid with imbalance of hormones, positive mood, reducing stress, anxiety, depression, nervous tension, releasing emotional judgment.

Apply a drop to a cottontail & place in a plastic bag and place in your pillow case, the only reason to putting it in a plastic bag is so it doesn't stain your pillow or case. Can diffuse.


Thyroid Oil Blend

Roll on feet under big toe and or jugular(throat) for the thyroid pressure point to assist with thyroid regulation.


Neuropathy Oil Blend

Put on bottom of feet. To assist with neuropathy.

All my oil blends are a tool to assist you but NOT to replace anything from Medical Dr.


Diabetes Oil Blend

This oil blend was created to assist with regulating your blood sugar along with what your MD has recommended.

Along with diet and exercise.

Put on bottom of feet on pancreas pressure point.

Read testimony under about.

All my oil blends are a tool to assist you but NOT to replace anything from Medical Dr.


Hand Sanitizer

All natural sanitizer to help with antibacterial, antiviral, anti fungal, to sanitize your hands.

Just squirt on hands and rub together.



This oil blend was created to assist when you are picking up others energies that make you

feel sick. But it's not you, your picking up someone else's energy and it's making you feel what them have.

Emotionally or Physically to help with transmitting energies with releasing them with ease and grace.


( The best curious accident I've encountered. I swell terribly from mosquito bites so I put the Ugh oil on them. I happened to put the Ugh oil on my ankle and realized there was a fresh bit in the morning it was basically gone but I had another bite on my side swollen so I said with I put it on and sure enough it come right down. Maybe a fluke but it's worked three times this week for me and I have a serious swelling problem when I get them this was a fortunate blessing.) Tara


Spring into this beautiful oil blend to assist with emotional healing, trusting, forgiving, becoming fearless, calming , self-aware, self-worth, confidence, aligned, cheerfulness, deep healing, responsibility, zest of life, focus, energizing, mental clarity, divine love & courageous, light hearted, creative, abundance.

Infused with stones to help purifying your energy, to help with excellent anti-negative protection, strengthens, bring in wisdom, bring in clarity for personal integrity.


Unicorn Fart Oil Blend

To assist with releasing backed up trapped, stuck no longer serving you energy!

Feel more relaxed & comfortable with passing the emotional stress, unveiling deep energy that has been trapped be make you aware of how good life can be by releasing the past, let go of guilt so you can move on.

To soothe the soul of pain of burdens of fear of you can't do this or not good enough, bring in joy and relaxed, new abundance.

Apply behind ears, over heart or diffuse.

Infused with waxing moon energy & new moon energy to assist with more abundance.


Monster Oil Blend

Leave behind the old traumatizing energy & let the evil eye protect you. Bring in energetic safety, comfort, healing, strong boundaries, & ability to relax & receive, balance and peace, by shielding you from negative influences & draining your energy & strength.

Has an evil eye stone to watch and protect you from evil and slowly pulling out fear and sorrow.

Wear over heart and on solar plexus and diffuse.


Fairy Dust Oil Blend

Bring in abundance, motivation, manifesting your powers to give you the will to fly high.

Leave your dust in the air of inspiration. Let the information & energy flow freely, have confidence to act on your wisdom and understand the freedom to leap ahead with your abundance to trust your inner voice and fly to your clarity to change your life & help others and self. Manifesting your dreams to come true.

Infused with fairy dust & charged with waxing moon energy & High John the Conqueror, abundance stones energies, abundance music.


Anal Retentive Oil Blend

When you are so stressed out your releasing water then you can eliminate so you are truly full of shit! You can't go to the bathroom and eliminate the waste you should be flushing out of your system.

You've released but now can't let it go. Your so up tight and your rectum so up tight as will cause you can't relax to let it flow all that's backed up.

Here's an oil blend I've created to help assist with relaxing, loosing and let it flow, some over analyzing people get stressed out and up tight they can't relief themselves.

Put on Rectum & Anus pressure points to assist. Back of leg on calf from just above ankle to mid calf and then under ankle bone on side of the bone pulling downward for another point.


Do you have trouble staying to sleep?

Do you go to sleep but can't stay to sleep?

If so this oil blend was created assist with sleep issues.

Put on back of neck, bottoms of feet before bed.

#13.88 + shipping $4.25 US or international $15.25


If you have difficult times breathing this oil blend was created to assist with breathing.

Apply to chest, to hands and breath deep after smelling them or diffuse. Apply to top of feet.

$15.00 + shipping $4.25 US or International$15.25


This blend was created to assist with pain from inflammation, assist with breaking up crystals from the uric acid build up, relaxing and flushing toxins.

All my oil blends are a tool to assist you but NOT to replace anything from Medical Dr.

$15.00 + shipping $4.25 US international $15.25

Poor Concentration

Do you have a problem focusing on one time at a time?

This blend was created to assist with concentration.

Apply to back of neck, and bottom of feet or diffuse.

All my oil blends are a tool to assist you but NOT to replace anything from Medical Dr.

$14.00 + shipping $4.25 US or international $15.25


This blend is to assist with inflammation located close to joints, pain and limited movement.

Apply to affected area.

All my oil blends are a tool to assist you but NOT to replace anything from Medical Dr.

$8.88 + shipping $4.25 International $15.25


This may assist inflammation in the intestinal wall.

Assist with pain, diarrhea, nausea.

Apply to stomach & bottom of feet.

All my oil blends are a tool to assist you but NOT to replace anything from Medical Dr.

$14.00 + shipping $4.25 international $15.25

1:Heart Clearing Oil

Assist with releasing toxic emotions & cleansing. May revitalize the energy system giving it a fresh start. Support you as your releasing trapped negative energy.

To cleanse the heart to bring in hope for brightening you to share your passion, to assist with healing & bring emotional comfort, soothes emotional pain after periods of extreme stress or trauma , releasing emotional burdens, to assist with feeling unloved and not sure to open up to love yourself, is it safe to release the past. Be able to breathe deep & release the old. Trusting in yourself and others with compassion, makes a tender space in your heart, to live in harmony & love, draws a senses in gentle deep healing.

Infused with crystals for the heart chakra.

This is sold as a set!! The 1st one Heart Clearing is to be used for 2 weeks then followed by the Heart Chakra Activation for 2 weeks. Can repeat as needed. Put on heart chakra and back of neck.

2:Heart Chakra Activation

This one was created for learning from the higher plane of consciousness, the ability to encourage you on a spiritual level to interact without causing pain & suffering, to see all humans as a loving being. To assist with taking responsibility & to encourage you to fellow through your inspirational path, to open up to the higher consciousness to let the energy flow freely, trust in your inner voice & rise above, encouragement, clarity to changes & greater alignment to the higher purpose to get you on your way to manifesting what you want & desire. Open to new possibilities. Bring more cheerfulness into the heart. Communicate your passion.

Infused with crystals and reiki energy, full moon & new moon energy. To clear the aura, stimulate the heart chakra & support positive energy, taking action and activate the heart chakra & at the same time stimulate calming and quiet time.

The super activator of the heart chakra & the higher self.

Set $40.00

You will want to use the 1st one for two weeks and 2 for two weeks.

It will be a VERY beneficial one for the next 2 years.

Passion & Purpose with a Bang

This blend may assist with empowering yourself to focus on your passion, bring out the inner child, setting goals to live your purpose, releasing emotional trauma from the past that is holding you back, boost self-esteem, self worth, & accepting yourself, releasing bottled up anger and sadness, to bring more joy into your life, give you strength to see the new & be more creative.

I've infused music to aid with creating miracles, activate your imagination, intention & intuition for your highest purpose.


All my oil blends are a tool to assist you but NOT to replace anything from Medical Dr. 

Love & Trust Oil

Love & Trust was created to assist with judgmental & critical thinking, bring in more positive thoughts for loving unconditionally and trust your thoughts, to bring in love for yourself and bring in fresh new start, grounding, bring out hidden thoughts, awareness, stabilizing emotional & encourage success & renewal between self & "All That Is."


All my oil blends are a tool to assist you but NOT to replace anything from Medical Dr. 

 Adrenal Oil

This oil blend was created to assist with unconditional love for self & others, open blocked emotions of fear, anger, cleansing the adrenal glands & toxins, chronic fatigue, cramps, stimulates the adrenal cortex & uplifting, grounding, confusion, mood swings, detoxification, renewal, feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, releasing and forgiving, release trapped feelings, & transitioning.

Infused with stones for aligning the energy physical, & emotionally, mental to have an even flow, & purifying the body.


All my oil blends are a tool to assist you but NOT to replace anything from Medical Dr. 

Balance & Harmony Oil

This oil blend was created to assist with releasing quilt and fear to bring strength to direct you to your goals, clearing your aura, releasing negativity & tension, strengthen your loving thoughts, essence, may enhance harmony & balance to work and fun.


All my oil blends are a tool to assist you but NOT to replace anything from Medical Dr.