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Monthly Cosmic Blessings Energy Infused Recording

We created these calls for affordable access to monthly energy updates that keep you in the know about important monthly gateways and high energy periods that have a likelihood of triggering a purge of old cellular and energetic debris.

Knowing what to expect monthly will assist you in staying in your power by using the energetic tools infused into this call so you can ride the wave of high energy into what you desire to create more of instead of being sucked into the release of the past.

These calls clear your energy and connect you into your higher expressions of self and divinity. They also contain a guided energy activation to specifically support the energies of that month. They are also infused with essential oils, crystals, and much more to assist your physical body with the energies you will experience that month.

This is call is very powerful, but is intended to be affordable support. If you would like personal support for anything that may arise along your journey it is very important that you schedule a session or purchase the monthly oil, so the energy exchange is balanced; for what you give is equally returned. If you desire more abundance, support, unconditional love…you must send it out to be returned. Energy must begin within, move out, and back in.

Much Love!


*After purchase the recording will be emailed to you

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