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Patti is an amazing person and even more amazing healer. I have worked with her for more than 2 years and she has helped, completely eradicate a crippling pain in my back, worked on my daughter for her fears and anxiety and now she is helping me with my Mom and her eye problems.

I sincerely appreciate Patti for her kindness and patience and thoughtfulness.

Thank you


Here's my testimony for your unlocking.....

I just want to give you a testimonial for the unhooking session I got for my 7 year old grandson. I just spent 2 days with him and he was like a different kid from when I saw him a week ago. He no longer seems depressed and his joy is back! He was laughing and cracking jokes and interacting with other kids. THANK you!!! I have gotten an unhooking session for myself as well, and highly recommend Patty's work. Anita from Minnesota


​Approximately a year ago my mother was diagnosed with Lypo Sarcoma. She had a tumor the size of a butternut squash located on her upper left back by her shoulder. They removed the tumor and treated her with radiation for 7 1/2 weeks. The radiation was fairly intense to ensure all cancerous cells were dead. The radiation severely burned her skin and made her more sedentary during her recovery stage. She began to have issue with the inability to move her left shoulder and arm, also with pain in her lower back and sciatica. She contacted Patti Sexton where she immediately came up with a treatment plan using her essential oils and her methodology’s with reflexology. She was in constant contact and providing her services during her recovery period. Because of Patti’s knowledge concerning essential oils kept my mother on the right path to recovery. Also during this timeframe I sustained an injury from long distance running to my peroneal tendons that halted my running. Patti provided me with an essential oil blend to help with the healing and inflammation to the tendon. Now I am up and running again.

Sandy Spence 

Thyroid & Diabetic Issues:

So several years ago I was diagnosed with low thyroid and told I would have to take synthetic thyroid medicine the rest of my life, I tried it a few times and it made my whole body feel funny.

I told my doctor that I didn't want to take it any more and would like to use essential oil instead.

My doctor literally screamed at me for about a hour telling me there was no way that I could get them to work and could only take the synthetic. Well with the help of Patti we created a blend and I started using it that night. I had a check up two weeks later and my doctor was blown away that my numbers looked fantastic, she didn't believe it was from the oils but rather a faulty test. She had me take another one a month later and viola numbers still looked amazing. I have now been using it for a number of years and had now blood tests done many times, my numbers have looked amazing every time. I highly recommend her blend. I was also diagnosed with diabetes three weeks ago, my numbers were through the roof at 384. I was told I would most likely be put on insulin and my new doctor told me she would be interested to see if oils would help when I told her I really did not want to take insulin. She also was very skeptical about this. I had a check up with her the other day and had been tracking my numbers twice a day. She say my numbers and told me they look absolutely fantastic and wanted to know what I was doing besides diet to change them so dramatically is such a short time (my numbers ranged from 74-124). I informed her I was using a oil blend. By the end she was wanting me to send her what all was in it because she was blown away. I highly recommend Patti for any and all need for oils her blend are amazing, so much research, heart and soul go into everyone.

Jaison Daniel

Recently, my (17) was going through a difficult time due to a few friends being incredibly depressed. His mood began to change rapidly...over anxious, overwhelmed & eventually became very ill. I scheduled a remote session for him with Patti & he began to feel better within a hour of the session. He stay home from work that day due to a 100* fever & throwing up continuously but within one hour of the session his fever dropped & his nerves calmed.

He was immediately back to normal behavior & has been since. I highly recommend her for any mental, emotional or physical issues for all family members.

Chameice Daniel

"I had a session with Patti and I felt better than I reminder at 2. Thank you Patti!



I'm writing this testimonial for Patti Sexton I recently had a partial bowel abstraction that was severely painful and resistant to medical intervention. It started with intermittent pain on July 11 and want to severe by J uly 15with bloating, cramping, pain and inability to pass gas and difficulty urinating. I was seen at the clinic 7/18,7/19,1.21 and hospital 7/22 and give laxative and enemas with no results. Seen by Patti on 7/23 and during the massage she was able to get large amounts of gas out and relax my body and I was able to urinate easily again. Went home and drank the gallon of liquid mediation the Doctors gave me to use and ended back in the hospital Sunday 7/24 followed by medical intervention that was severely painful but resulted in resolving the bowel obstruction. I was released from the hospital Wed. 7/27 but left with continued bloating, pain, swelling and difficulty urinating. I had another treatment with Patti Friday 7/29 and immediately started getting rid of all the gas and fluids. It was like night and day. She restored the normal workings of my body and I've been able to sleep and return to activities of daily living relatively pain free compared to before treatment. It is amazing that she was able to do more for my body to return it to normal and do it without inflicting pain, like the medical procedures do. I went to Patti as trying anything that might help and am now sold on prevention regular treatments to keep my body performing at its best.

Vicky Stimiac

Dear Patti

Just a short note to THANK YOU for letting me know about the Motion Lotion. I was on gabapentin 100 mg. 1 table twice a day for pain management and it didn't work to me. But the Patti's Motion Lotion got me back to work to be able to tolerate the pain.

I went to Physical Therapy for 2 1/2 months that didn't help. I missed 3 months of work and she showed me where to rub my feet using the Motion Lotion it worked. I've been using it for 3 years off and on since then and I don't have the back problem anymore.

Thank again

Dot Owen

Lyman, Wy.

Dear Patti

I've been using the Motion Lotion on my feet for over 3 years now for my back it works great. I since have started having knee problems. Thanks to letting me know about the Herb Oil and where to rub it, my knee doesn't give me the problems anymore. Yes it is more intense.

Thanks again for letting me know about the Oil

 Dot Owen

Lyman, Wy.


One time I ate to many cucumbers and one time I don't know what I ate. But my stomach started turning I rubbed some Sandalwood lotion on my stomach. A few minutes later my stomach felt better.

Thanks Patti for letting me know what to do.

                                                  Maryl Norton


For anyone who needs a body treatment from Patti's magic hand's, Patti can produce marvelous results.

Patti did Reiki treatments on me, for kidney infection, for a pinched nerve in my lower back, for migraine headaches, also massage for a shoulder injury.

Patti also helped my husband get relief from asthma attacks.

Patti truly is gifted.

I would recommend her services to everyone.

Berniece Sexton

  Patti has worked on my dogs.

Patti has done healing on my dogs many times.

She worked on Rockie for his hips that would lock up and he

would have a hard time walking. Patti would use a combination of things

she would do and use her essential oils on his hips and feet, and before

long he was up giving her kisses like thank you thank you for helping me.

Patti also worked on my little sissie dog. She had a lot of kidney problems.

Her kidneys were so bad she couldn't urinate at times, so I would

call Patti and she would come over and starting on her kidneys and feet,

she would also use her essential oils on both back and feet. Sis

would jump up and have to run outside to go pee. She would pee and pee

it was like saying thank you thank you.

Patti also worked on Rockie for his should when he jumped off the

deck and then couldn't use that leg. He was not a young pup anymore

but liked to play like he was and end up hurting himself.

After Patti worked on him that 1 time, he jumped up and ran around

like nothing was hurt. She had me put the oil on his should just to

make sure it would be ok.

Thank you so much & 1/20/15

God bless

Berniece Sexton


I have had Reiki treatments from Patti multiple times as well as Chakra alignments and Foot Spa's. I would highly recommend all of the above to anyone. Every time I have had any of them I come out feeling amazing. She is highly skilled in her trade and is a true Master of Reiki. I've never found anyone even half as knowledgeable on oils as she is.

                                                        Jaison Daniel

                                                         Wright, Wy.


Shortly after having had a microwave abiation in Denver (this means they boiled the tissue between two probes that were inserted through my back and down into my liver to destroy the large metastatic cancerous tumor that was growing) Patti did energy work on me.

At the time. I was also in a fair amount of pain from the procedure. Patti did Reiki cleared and opened all chakra's and prepared a custom oil mixture for my liver and cancer. Note that she cleared my, then closed, Solar Plexus Chakra both front and back. And opened them.

Honest to goodness, the pain went away almost immediately. It was simply amazing!!

Thanks so much Patti!!!!

I would HIGHLY recommend Patti to assist you with your health and wellness. In every way. Be sure to join her in Paradise.

Thanks again Patti!!!


                                                              Kellie Mitchell


Shortly after having had a microwave abiation in Denver (this means they boiled the tissue between two probes that were inserted through my back and down into my liver to destroy the large metastatic cancerous tumor that was growing) Patti did energy work on me.

At the time. I was also in a fair amount of pain from the procedure. Patti did Reiki cleared and opened all chakra's and prepared a custom oil mixture for my liver and cancer. Note that she cleared my, then closed, Solar Plexus Chakra both front and back. And opened them.

Honest to goodness, the pain went away almost immediately. It was simply amazing!!

Thanks so much Patti!!!!

I would HIGHLY recommend Patti to assist you with your health and wellness. In every way. Be sure to join her in Paradise.

Thanks again Patti!!!


 Kellie Mitchell

6/13/16 Patti has helped me work on my dog.

My dog has allergies and has trouble breathing and starts coughing and gaging. I called her to see what might help him. She said to try a peppermint beadlet cause it's good for allergies and a beadlet is only 1 drop, and within minutes he was fine.

No coughing for days.

Thank you so much

Maryl Norton


Patti Sexton is a gifted healer in many modalities. She has helped me eliminate pain physically and emotionally many times with her amazing gifts. I'm always amazed at how quickly she can release my symptoms and help me find balance. Her unique combination of healing practices that she has mastered over the years is invaluable on the journey to complete mind, body and spirit integration.

I highly recommend her services to any one seeking complete healing.

She can help you find the best treatments available using knowledge expertise, training, and a vest array of tools at her disposal.

Chameice Daniel


The oils and lotions help with stress and a lot more, make you feel better when your sick.

I recommend her.

                                                            Blaine Doherty        


Just had a wonderful distance healing from Patti!

I could feel it in my heart chakra first and started crying with the huge release then moved to my root chakra. The pain in my hand just disappeared and the pain in my knee intensified then went away!

She is amazing!

Eliminate holiday stress and get right into your happy place with a session from her. Your body and spirit will thank you, as well as your family.

Chameice Daniel


So this was my response to having a long distance session done by Patti.

Hmmm your kinda freaking me out. Was just sitting here thinking I kinda had like a euphoric body high thing going on and didn't think about the fact you said you were going to do this I figured it would be like in a couple days or something. You truly are amazing.

I was sitting at my house which is almost 700 miles away when all of a sudden I had a warm sensation come over me it truly was like having a body high of sorts. I had absolutely no idea that she was performing one on me at the time it was something amazing that I did not even know was a possibility. I highly suggest giving it a try.

 Thank you

Jaison Daniel 


  1/4/17                           Long Distance Healing

Patti worked on me in a long distance healing today.

She told me to sit back and relax with my feet up and a glass of water beside me.

So I did, and said she would call me later to see how I was feeling. Patti called me and ask how I was feeling later and I ask her when we were going to start. I didn't even know she was finished until we were talking and she ask me how my feet felt cause she said she was working on the arch where my kidneys were and said she could feel a large lump cause they were inflamed and in had broke lose. I told her oh my gosh I sitting here and I can move my feet and pull my toes up high, I couldn't before.

Oh may I can also turn my head and look out the window and before the session started, I was wishing I could look out the window into the yard, but now I don't have any problems turning my head and it doesn't hurt like it did before.

Patti ask me about a bump around my ear that she could feel, I told her its been there for a long time and the Dr.'s don't know what it is from. But I don't have the pain anymore and its really went down in size. She also ask me about my hip and knees because she had been working on them also and it seemed like a lot of the pain had gone away. I than said oh yes it had and she told me where I could rub on my hand to help that cause I have problems with these area's a lot.

I told Patti she could work on me anytime I love it. She has worked on me for years in person, but I have moved to California now and can't travel much any more so this is the first time she has done one in distance and I told her she can do a long distance healing on me anytime.

Thank you so much Patti

Elise Webster


1/14/17                                    Kellie Mitchell

 I have a rare condition whereby malignant lesions pop up a continual basis. I had one on the vallecula (near my vocal cord) that was affecting the epiglottis causing me not to be able to swallow properly or choke.

Before my last surgery I received 2 distance and one in person healing and a chakra opening session from Patti. The distance healing helped me swallow and feel more clear internally for a few days after each healing. She also prescribed oils that helped me even more.

Each time I felt more energized and exponentially better.

My chakras were very closed, in particular, my vishuddhi, or throat chakra was extremely closed. She was able to open even that one. I was able to swallow and did not choke anymore until they were able to remove the lesion.

I felt wonderful afterward. The lesion turned out to be an annoying benign cyst.

Thank you Patti.

I highly recommend Patti for any healing you may have.



I had a phone session with Patty regarding my sinuses mainly. I may have been a

little skeptical at first, but it didn't take long to change my mind.

She was able to pinpoint things through this therapy session that were spot on.

One thing she told me during my session was my sinus cavity was very plugged

and possibly restricted. After the session, I made a ENT doctor appointment and

found out my cavity was crushed. I found this utterly amazing.

She was also able to ease muscle tension and gave me advice on prevention, and

sound body and mind advice.

I would recommend her to anyone.

Session #2 is scheduled.

                                            Krissy Broscher



Amazing! I had the most painful migraine the last 5 days. Went to the Dr. they have me a tramadol shot, pain went away for a few hours and then came back! To the point of being beside all day! Called Patti to see if she could do anything, and it amazingly just went away!.

Now fellowing with essential oils and rest to keep it away.



Patti cleared up my sinuses in 5 minutes! When As I was talking with Patti for only a

few minutes, she recognized that my nose was a bit stuffed up. She asked me if I would like her to help with that. Of course I said, YES!! She used some essential oils and some healing energy and within 5 minutes I could breathe again. I was so excited and very

impressed. Thank you Patti!!

                                            Gretchen Pritts


Karen Davis Black                    4/8/17

I just had the pleasure of receiving my one on one session from the BSP with Patti Sexton RH Inha. I have to tell you...before my session with Patti I felt like I was going to kill someone! Lol! I was feeling angry, depressed, cloudy head, intense pain in my groin, having to constantly clear my throat, the list goes on! After just a few minutes with Patti, these things began to subside one by one as she scanned my body and cleared them all without me ever indicating to her what the issues were! She is a talented, gifted, kind soul who I highly recommend. Thanks, Patti!


 4/12/17                                       Beronica Garcia

 I was received a backstage pass to work with Patti Sexton RH INHA. She is amazing

and so caring!!! She opened all of my chakra's and made an oil blend for me to help

release all the fears and sadness. She also helped me release a bronchial congestion that

I had and all the tension on my back and shoulders. I sent her a picture and she was able to work on my body by rubbing oils to heal my body and emotional issues.

She worked on inflammation on my finger and it didn't hurt today. She also explained what oils she was using and what they were good for. She went over a meditation process to help keep my chakra's open and answered all my questions. She recommended geranium oil, frankincense oil and lemon oil.

She is so kind and will ship the oil blend she did for me. People at work noticed that I

looked happier and lighter. They also said I looked good and that my face looked better.

Thank you so much Patti!!!!


I just want to thank Patti for a wonderful bsp. When working with me she intuitively knew what the range of emotions my organs were carrying and she was spot on! She helped me heal some stuck grief and work through some anger issues.

We looked at all things from a physical, mental and spiritual element and I was fascinated to know that these oils can even be used at a distance. What was even more wonderful was Patti made a special mix of oils for me specific to my concerns, I look forward to using it and watching how this unfolds.

Patti is very gentle, caring and really helpfull, and I love the idea of having someone who can use these techniques both in person and distantly. Thanks so much Patti. I look forward to exploring with my own unique blend of oil,which smells great 😊.

Narinder Kaur 



Patti Sexton – Backstage Pass (BSP)

On April 8, 2017, I was fortunate to have a healing session with Patti Sexton. I was so happy when Patti emailed me to say that I would receive a free healing session from her. Before we even spoke, Patti requested to know what I wanted to shift, my key issue. I sent her a brief email explaining that I still felt stuck despite working with various modalities. I did not provide her with any other information about my situation. Once we started the session, Patti proceeded to clear my Chakras. She went through each of the seven Chakras providing a brief explanation of how it may affect my body and life in general. She informed me whether or not that Chakra was opened or closed and proceeded to clear whatever needed to be cleared. After the Chakra clearing, Patti pleasantly surprised me with her insights. She said that I had a problem with my left shoulder. This was true but I did not provide her with this information. I did not even think to bring it up. She also worked on my left shoulder to clear any blocks. She also suggested pressure points that I could massage to alleviate the pain in my shoulder. I informed her that I also suffer with migraines and she also worked on that. As the session progressed, Patti always checked in with me to see how I was doing and what I felt. She listened to what I had to share and provided me with healing advice when needed. Throughout the session, Patti also used her essential oils to assist in the healing. She made me a special essential oil elixir prior to our session and added to it as other issues showed up during our session. Since the session, I have felt lighter and experienced more clarity. I am speaking up more in areas that I felt I had no say. She significantly reduced the level of my migraine and blurry vision that I had for 3 days. My experience with Patti has been a totally awesome one, from the first email to her follow up email after the session. She is very personable. It was very easy to communicate with her and share my story. She was quick to respond to my emails. I am very thankful for her assistance in healing me and educating me about my Chakras. I highly recommend Patti’s work and essential oils. I can not wait to start using the special essential oil elixir. I am checking my mailbox every day. Thank you Patti Sexton for the session. Thank you Eram Saeed for the opportunity to work with Patti. Namaste.

Lynn Fraser-Polifemi


Hi Patti, Here is my testimony, feel free to remind me of anything I forgot>

It was one of the roughest weeks for me as my mother passed away while I was on my way to see her and within 24 hours, one of my best friends from childhood passed away. I always feel so drained from flying and then had some sleeplessness due to being in shock from the deaths of two beloveds. I felt like my whole world had been turned upside down. I saw this offer from Patti and jumped on it as I have used essential oils for many years. I have to say it was amazing what she did with them long distance. I never knew this could happen. She opened my chakras and I could sense each one!!!! She removed blockages in them. That felt so wonderful. She worked on my heart chakra which was filled with grief; I could sense a lightening there. Then she worked on my shoulders which had been literally carrying alot of weight but also emotional weight. She worked on my knees which I noticed immediately. I was so amazed at what she did remotely with oils. She loosened all my tension. I had such a sense of relaxation and peace afterwards which to me seemed impossible before the session. I am truly grateful for this session. I told her she was an angel sent by heaven at the perfect time to help me. Thank you so much Patti!!!!!!!! I can't recommend her enough!!!!!

Namaste, Pam Chapman

Patti worked on my Mother at age 91

I'm writing this for my Mother who used Patti's services for many years.

My Mother was 91 at the time I'm writing this testimony. She had been on pain meditation for many years. She had a pain block put in her back, it did help for a while but than the pain became severe, come to find out the block had slipped and was causing more pain then before. She was taking as many pain pills as needed up to 7-8 per day for some time.

Mom had Patti come to the house to work on her once a month to start, for back pain, swollen left foot and leg that was left purple no feeling and cold after the back surgery.

After some time of Patti working on Mom the feeling and color and warmth came back into Mom's leg and foot.

Mom started to fall and have more health conditions Patti was coming once a week due to Mom calling and asking her to help with the pain. Patti said she thought Mom had broke her back in one of the falls, but the Dr.s said no it was just a pulled muscle.

After Mom had fallen 2 more times and ended up in the hospital and they took an MRI then they decided her back and shoulder was broke.

Patti was coming every day to help Mom with the pain cause her pain meditation was no longer working. And she could get some relief with Patti working on her.

We put her in an assisted living place but she was only there for 12 hours when she had to go back to the hospital and found out she had MRSA. Patti continued to work on Mom everyday at the hospital to help Mom with pain. Mom would be crying for her to come help. So she could get some relief and get some rest.

Patti did reiki, reflexology, aroma touch, essential oils and her loving hand work.

Mom ask me to please write this before her passing.

I would recommend Patti's work to anyone.

My Mother loved to see her come.

Thank you so much.

Judy Christopherson


Thank you so much for the session I received from you. I'am grateful.

Really enjoyed the session last night. Within hours I felt great, and when I went to Bed!!

I learned so much from our session and still have much more to learn!!

Thank you for opening my chakra's I didn't even now they were closed.

You found so many sore spots that you showed me how to work on myself. Grateful for all you did.

Is there another oil I can use like White Fir for now until I can receive my orange oil for my insomnia? And can I use it for my aches from my long ride today on my 4 wheeler?

I slept so well after our session. I look forward to my special oil blend you make just for my needs.

I've been so busy I haven't even realized all the benefits you gave me in the session!!. You really did pinpoint all the stress I carry in my neck and shoulders!!!. I did get great reliefs there from out the session. Wish I could remember all the points you told me to rub.

Looking forward to another session.

Lorna Bergostrom


Patti can always tell when I need some work done on me. She has worked on me several times in this passed year with the passing of my Mother. She has opened my Chakra’s, advised me what oils to use for aches and pain. Oils for my

Breast cancer, Grief and Sorrow so many things I can’t remember them all. But most of all the last session I had she told me things about my Father who has been passed for many years. Just what I needed to hear at the time. She has no idea

How much that has helped me. She is an awesome teacher with teaching you about the oils and pressure points. I even signed up under her for the oils so I could get a discount on my oils and learn so much more.

Again Thank you Patti

Judy Christopherson


I had an amazing distance session with Patti Sexton RH Inha. She worked with me specifically on releasing toxic energies and symptoms of PTSD from a past relationship. I currently have to deal with said person due to having a son together so he still causes interference in my life regularly.

Patti assisted me with oils to release the toxic energy, healing to boost my adrenals which had become over stimulated due to stress, and stones that would help protect my energy from further interference.

Her insight and healing was invaluable and I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking assistance in recovering from a toxic relationship. She released deep layers that I was unable to access on my own.

Chameice Daniel

 Patti worked on my daughter for anxiety and depression.

Patti was so kind to take both my daughter and I for 2 sessions. She combined 31 different oils in my daughters oil blend alone to help her with depression and anxiety. She has missed the last 2 years of school trying to cope with this condition. She infused 3 different stones into the oil. Opened 3 Chakra’s that where closed. I love the idea that the oils can be used for distance.

Pleased to say my daughter is back in school and has been doing pretty good.

I’m very grateful for all you have done for us.

This is an accomplishment for her!!! And trust me when I say an accomplishment.

It’s a blessing.

Thank you again Patti.

Mother Suanne Rogers


Patti worked on me for all the concerns listed above and also anxiety, depression.

She made a special oil blend for me using 22 different oils and 4 different stones infused in my oil. Also told me what oils and stone are in the blend, so if I would like to make my own I can.

She opened chakra’s that were closed or open and closed. She explained all that she was finding without me telling your. She found the chakra issues without me even being aware of the chakra concerns. She explained to me the pressure points she was working on for my different aches and pains so I could learn to use it on myself. She helped so much with my anxiety and depression that I’ve had for years. I have had some for the physical injuries for many years from an accident.

I have to say its been raining all day and I even got some house cleaning done. I couldn’t have done any thing when it was raining. So happy for all Patti has done. I too, have been feeling pretty good after my session. I sincerely appreciate the work you did on both my daughter and I.

So grateful I can get my work done even on a rainy day. You help me in some many ways. My aches and pains are not so severe.

Wishing you the best on your launch with Eram. You’ll do great.

Thanks again Patti.

Suanne Rogers

Sarah Otis                   PATTI GAVE ME VALUABLE TIPS 

Wanted to share a testimony regarding my session I had with Patti Sexton RH Inha today.

My issues I wanted her to address were:




Fears-variety of types

Personal Power

Empath Sensitivity

When Patti started the session, she shared with me the customized oil blend she had created for me which I knew was very powerful and totally on target based on my knowledge of essential oils! She went over how each would help me with healing my issues. She then went through all the chakras and as she explained about each, whether they were open, closed or blocked. ...her feedback totally made sense and in line with what's coming up for me currently. It provided much confirmation of my bodies urges I'm receiving. She gave me some valuable tips to address my issues and moving forward which I'm extremely grateful for! Thank you so much Patti for your time and sharing your beautiful Light <3

I feel anyone who would like to address emotional wounds and traumas would greatly benefit from a personal session from Patti! !

Liz Spark                 HER WISDOM WILL BENEFIT YOU!!!

Patti energy healer addresses your own blend of energy, crystals and essentials with her know how and wisdom to benefit you, chakras and self. Intuitive and knowledgeable she adds boosts of energy healings and natural properties of oils and crystals to benefit you in the session. I’m enthralled that my low back pain is almost 0 now and noticing nearly immediate improvements with a bountiful “how to and follow thru”. Patti’s session is AWESOME, Amazing and Energizing ++++ Highly recommend

‎Debra Chapman‎ to Patti Sexton RH Inha

               PATTI WAS SPOT ON!!!

I would like to share my session with Patti yesterday.

My issues were dealing with a recent breakup which has had me feeling pretty devastated at times and a rash that occurs on my hands which i very itchy.

Patti has a lovely way of working with you. She infused her oils and crystal energy remotely to create balance for my entire being. I am also purchasing the oils so I can use them in person as well.

Patti worked through the chakra systems, explaining what what happening with each one, all the while working on clearning, balancing and opening the charkras. She was spot on with where I was at and gave me valuable advise as to how I could move on and bring more joy into my life, and therefore create my dreams.

Patti gives so much during her session. I felt lighter as a result, and have a more positive outlook on life, with the belief that I can achieve what it is I desire.

I highly recommend Patti to address whatever issue it is you have. Patti will infuse her lovely sense of humour and total caring into the session which in inself is healing. Thank you again Patti.


Angela Raine

I had a session with Patti Sexton RH Inha and it was amazing!

Issues we worked on: underlying fear that showed up in different areas of life, doubting myself and stability. When Patti began the session, she explained to me what she does first, created a special blend of oils and went through each of them and their properties. It was so helpful - I didn't know all of this before our session. Patti remotely sprayed the blend she made for me and is mailing it to me as well so I can use it physically. Patti went through each of my chakras, explained which one was closed and re-opened it. Patti tuned in and very accurately described what she sensed in my body (both emotions and physical pain). She did couple exercises and visualization with me, taught me valuable tools I can use after our session, and also taught me how to open my own chakras.

Our session was a great help and support to me! After the session I feel very light, peaceful and joyful.

I would recommend Patti to everyone!

Thank you Patti for your amazing gifts and your kindness!!



Danielle Riverin feeling fantastic.

Hi, beautiful souls, my name is Danielle and I'm a native woman from Pessamit, Québec, Canada. I am writing now to let you know that I had a wonderful oil therapy & laughing yoga session today at noon. It opened my heart, energy & throat chakras in letting forgiveness enter them in my whole body & life to heal emotions I don't want anymore and let welness, abundance, knowledge to transit to a life fueled of trust, will power, love, compassion, beauty in harmony with my true self and my inner intuition to follow my dreams and move on ! I feel so much lightness & freedom ! I have been laughing and dancing joyfully, thanking life today, right now, being in this blessed moment, full of Grace, my two arms in the air, thanking my Creator for this golden rain of blessings, I'm dancing under... I feel great, so much reliefs on my mind-body-soul, honoring this great kid of mine within, who just start seing all there is good for me and you in this Universe.

My special thanks to a great coach & teacher, Patti Sexton, who took the time to show me the way to a greater life full of opportunities to tap in for a much more happy life !

I am encouraging you all, to try a session with her. Patti Sexton is fun, caring and so compassionate ! Do yourself a really great favor and discover the instant release of everything that is blocking your way to pursue your spiritual path to Happiness !

Sincerely, you cannot regret this, you recharge totally all there is to, to fully embody your true power and mission here on mother-Earth.

May love & light, through this session bring you what your heart most desire to simply enjoy your life to the fullest !

May this testimony bring you today a lot more of people to heal and a whole lot more Love to share through out the World.

Greetings dear Ones, X0X — merveilleusement bien.


Patti Sexton’s consultation was effective, empowering, educational and encouraging. She used her decade of experience, training, and intuition about how to help emotional and physical wellness by using essential oils, crystals, and pressure points.

She understood my description of my life’s challenges and goals. I analyzed my lengthy list and sent her a Theme. I desired a Filter that allowed health, wealth, and good abundance to enter, while protecting me from illness, injury, debt, and distress.

Thanks to Patti’s skill, knowledge and insights, I have my very own PERSONAL BLEND of several essential oils and minerals ! She is the only person I know who offers this customized service. A $20 personal blend bottle is a valuable bargain.

Patti makes all her oil blends with Love, Light, and Healing, often including crystal energy. She told me what she selected for my blend, and why.

Patti described how each of my chakras was malfunctioning. For each she used an oil and mineral blend she developed for that chakra. (A blend’s vibration is effective from a distance.) Then verified when it was functioning properly.

Patti explained which illnesses and injuries were associated with each chakra. I often confirmed her accuracy. E.g., she identified which leg had sciatica, and where on my foot I’d broken bones.

Our synchronicities were another clue about resonating. Patti included Gold in my blend to attract beauty, money, help and love. And she sprays essence of Quartz and Gold before every consultation. My new homeopathic with Gold is “Aurum /Hypericum”.

When she used a Tangerine Quartz crystal to bring me Joy, I laughed and explained that before our appointment I drew “ Maitraya – Power of Joy” from the Ascended Master deck.

Patti taught me which pressure points on my hands I could easily use to help physical issues on other parts of my body. Finally she taught me a visualization exercise to reinforce chakra’s healthy function. It uses a red snake and a white snake. A few feet away was a my handcut paper image of Lady White Snake.

The next day I had an appointment for Healing Touch with a certified practitioner who is also an instructor. When she tested my energy to see if I needed any oils, she was pleased and impressed. She told me she was not going to use any oils for my appointment, because my custom blend from Patti was exactly what I needed.

Susan Bayard Rifkin


Patti Sexton worked on me to help calm me down was so

Upset with emotional stress and contacted her for help with her professional advise. She guided me with the use of some oils and I was calm in 5 Minutes!!

So thankful was ready to kill someone I was so upset and now I’m calm.

Amazing how fast it works!!!

Maryl Norton

Sarah Otis Grateful to be LIBERATED! with Patti Sexton RH Inha.

I wanted to provide an update regarding my session with Patti Sexton RH Inha a few weeks ago.

Things have continued to unfold for my highest good in ways that have been a real struggle for me for not only the last year for off and on over the years.

I have been working the acupressure points with Patti's oil blend that Patti taught me that would help address my issues with PTSD, abuse, rape, fears, personal power, empath sensitivity. The first few days these areas were really sore but I persisted and started to see positive results so worked though the temporary discomfort.

Since my session I was contacted by two of my abusive ex's, one being my ex-fiance whom I hadn't spoken to in almost a year. Tho I was weary at first having both contact me on the same exact day. Yet I found after about 10-15 mins I wasn't very bothered and felt I was standing in my personal empowerment and had a huge desire to record them a message speaking my truths regarding our relationship in ways they never allowed me to before. Plus I could openly speak my truths of how much our time apart, I have been able to take accountability of my role in the relationship issues from a place of empowerment and not a victim without a shaky voice or knot in my stomach. I feel I had made closure with them regarding the past and closed the door on a HUGE chapter of my painful past. I have been able to have several long conversations with my ex-fiance without any fears or issues all awhile remaining in my personal power. Very liberating!

I've also noticed that I am not as affected by others energies as intensely or at all, which is a blessing after being paralyzed for years by my extreme sensitivities.

Thank you Patti and look forward to getting you new PTSD blend when I have extra funds. I feel everyone who's drawn to tune into Patti's premier on FHTJ Monday the 12th will benefit in you own unique way!

Dear Patti

Your analysis of my skin challenges (and other problems lurking silently I had not even recognized). All made so much sense and I feel a huge leap forward already following your amazing healing.

My daughter (Rache Harrison) recommended you in the first place following a course she attended a fortnight ago.

With Best Wishes

Jane Oakes

Up date from Jane

My skin infection improves daily (bit of a set back this morning but I'm on track again to recovery.) I think I do need that oil and I need to set up that PayPal account again. I'll contact you as soon as possible.

The biggest surprise is that the problem you mentioned in my legs especially the left one (I think you said sciatica) must have been the unsightly varicose veins which have almost disappeared as has the discomfort associated with them. The odd thing is that I had not realised they were painful.

I was on the point of seeking cosmetic surgery so I'm sure you can imagine how marvellous that is!

Kindest regards,



I used the oil last night on my solar plexus area. I'd forgotten about that and had just been putting it on the arch area of my feet at night, also putting it up to my nose and taking a nice long whiff of it before bed. I also have been looping your Empowered mp3 at night, usually after I wake up in the middle of the night, and I seem to fall asleep really quickly after playing it.  

One interesting thing after our session is that I'm noticing those areas you mentioned -- ankles and neck especially -- a bit more than I was and trying to remember to range them more.

Theresa Diaz

Hi Patti,

I loved our session and I definitely felt great after.

I felt you did an amazing job.

I don't have any conditions.



Hi Patti! I'm feeling a little better. I didn't notice anything overly different, but I did feel lighter and my energy seemed a bit better. My shoulder pain is also reduced. I have had so much going on in the past two weeks that I haven't yet watched the video you made, but will get caught up on it this week. I want to keep the momentum going!

Thank you so much for the session!!


In the session Sherry's pain started out @ a 7 and had came down to a 2. Going from a scale 1-10, with 10 being the highest.

Hi Patti

I'd been meaning to contact you over the past couple of days to let you know that one very positive change I've noticed recently that might be connected to the use of the custom oil that you made for me is that I seem to be sleeping much better. I tend to be a bit scared of the dark and the possibility of the presence of lower energies--even if not rational--and that fear seems to be lessening since using your oil blend -- and this is an issue I've been working on in earnest for at least 5 years now!

I have definitely noticed a shift and more calm when I'm in the dark in general and when sleeping alone, which is the majority of the time, and especially sleeping when I'm the only one home at night when my son is at his father's. This isn't an issue that came up in our session, but it occurred to me the other day that the improved sleep has been a positive change for me since using the oil blend, and I wanted to let you know about it after you had contacted me recently, when I'd been so preoccupied about my mom's health and other incoming that I hadn't really been aware enough to share that I'd noticed anything with the use of the oil. Now that I've had a few days of downtime visiting my parents, I actually think that I finally did notice a very positive change, so your timing was perfect with the email.


Yes your oil had Wild Orange in it and thats for insomnia.

‎Penny Luger Roberts‎ to Enlighten Yourself

Thanks to Patti, I had a great session. I really appreciate how gifted she is. She was able to locate and release a number of knots in my body. As she worked on my shoulder I felt the knot just melt away. My left hip and knee pain went from a 6 to 0. She didn't even work on my left elbow and that released also. I loved doing the laughter yoga with her. Her teaching heart really shines. She shares her knowledge of the oils and pressure points in a way that is easy to grasp. I learned a great deal from her. I highly recommend Patti. I'm excited for my special blend of oils to arrive that she made just for me. I am continuing to use not only the pressure points we used in our session but also the visualization to keep my chakras open using the red snake from the root going up and the white snake from the crown coming down. Thank you Patti.

Thanks for checking in with me. Well... I feel really good. I feel embarrassed because my ultra sound showed nothing but a couple of cysts on my kidney that I already knew I had. Gall bladder is good too. All I can contribute it to is YOU!! That sluggish kidney must have been the pain and lumps that were there and you cleaned it all away. Love all the oils and zendocrine caps, I am sure they have all helped in my healing. Great to feel good again. Thanks, Sally

                                                           Difficult Time

Recently, my son (17) was going through a very difficult time due to a few friends being incredibly depressed. His mood began to change rapidly...over a period of a week he began to become extremely anxious, overwhelmed, and eventually became very ill. I scheduled a remote session for him with Patti and he began to feel better within a hour of the session. He had stayed home from work that day due to a 100* fever and throwing up continuously, but within one hour of the session his fever dropped and his nerves calmed. He was immediately back to normal behavior and has been since. I highly recommend her for any mental/emotional or physical issues for all family members.

Chameice Daniel

Working with Patti is awesome, you tell her what you need help with, she intuits what you need & creates a personal blend just for you & ships it out the same day if possible! Now that's what I call a great, fast healing service Narinder Kaur

 Bitch Be Gone 

Susan Rifken

Come to think of it. Sometimes instead of needing to access my "Inner Child" I say I need may "Inner Bitch".

She is good @ boundaries. A horse told a telepath I was Very good @ Kicking ass and taking names.

Shernice Narmool

Say's about Bitch Be Gone

This oil Bitch Be Gone bringing it out & I'am afraid that you are right.

Susan Rifkin

I already go way more than my " money's worth" (bargain $10.00) from Patti Sexton's Bitch Be Gone blend.

Just said I put it on yesterday, my prep for Open House no longer includes moving 4 cats out for 3 hours! Nor is anyone coming through my apartment! Home dealer returned my phone call from 6 days ago. The seller found lost documents to get Title for my Home purchase a week ago.

Sherice Naimool

Bitch Be Gone!

Patti you are so awesome. I honestly believe that Chameice & big momma sat down & asked specifically how are they going to help me. Sherice

Thank you so much

Tara Kivita

Sherice I bought it "Bitch Be Gone" last week it got rid of all my cooties & a lot of emotional not enough garbage effortlessly Patti is a genius!!!

Oils Blends

Patti & her oils are a godsend. They came just at the right time. I was on a webinar with Patti & found my adrenals to be blown out & her oils provided the rejuvenation need to get me on the right track headed in the right direction. I had suddenly found myself lacking energy & fatigued & her oils gave me a welcomed energy boost needed. Her customer service is excellent & her knowledge as a medical intuitive of the right oils for your situation & regarding how to use the oils is awesome & so appreciated. I would highly recommend her oils. They are high quality & highly effective!!!


Extreme Gateway Clearing Oil Blend

Used mine last night.. woke up a whole lot lighter and less tense Thank you. Ps namaste in my power bath salts smell so good they should be renamed Na MUST NOT stay in the tub all day.

Tara Kivita

I feel like I m able to move where I feel things stuck for a few days

Tara Kivita


I highly recommend Patti's new stagnant oil. This new blend is so powerful but oh so gentle! I had purchased because I knew I had some repressed emotions due to many trauma points, I put it on before bed & I released soooo much & if anyone has worked through trauma, they know it can be very challenging but this was very graceful!

What I'm most pleased with is that when I woke up, I felt better had this compassionate understanding that many connections I had made in my life were not in alignment, they were created, so I wouldn't have to open heart & be vulnerable.  This is HUGE for me, to feel safe to be loved and to love & create authentic and joyful experiences.

 I believe this is the root of unhappiness within relationships, not being a true match.

This oil gets an A+ in my opinion,  it's powerful, gentle and is helping me to open to greater sense of self & bliss! 

☆ Thank you, Patti!!!! ☆

Radiation and Scar Tissue Blend

Approximately a year ago my mother was diagnosed with Lypo Sarcoma. She had a tumor the size of a butternut squash located on her upper left back by her shoulder. They removed the tumor and treated her with radiation for 7 1/2 weeks. The radiation was fairly intense to ensure all cancerous cells were dead. The radiation severely burned her skin and made her more sedentary during her recovery stage. She began to have issue with the inability to move her left shoulder and arm, also with pain in her lower back and sciatica. She contacted Patti Sexton where she immediately came up with a treatment plan using her essential oils and her methodology’s with reflexology. She was in constant contact and providing her services during her recovery period. Because of Patti’s knowledge concerning essential oils kept my mother on the right path to recovery. Also during this timeframe I sustained an injury from long distance running to my peroneal tendons that halted my running. Patti provided me with an essential oil blend to help with the healing and inflammation to the tendon. Now I am up and running again.

Sandy Spence

OMG after using the Radiation Scar Tissue oil blend on my feet for my eyes for 1 week to help get rid of the scar tissue behind my eyes I no longer have the black string that was in my eye’s and black spots, I just have 1 tiny black spot not a lot of them. My eye’s are a lot brighter and I can see to plug in things, see my dog again.

I don’t have so much darkness.

I also use the blend Patti made me to take internally to assist with my eye’s. I fill a capsule and take it once a day. It’s the Diabetes Retinopathy blend. What a huge diffidence in seeing so much better. I don’t feel like I’m going blind anymore.


Jen Funt

The stagnant oil was incredible! ....

I put it on sparingly right before bed, 

I had some really graphic dreams, I released really traumatic stuff.. Things i wasn't able to look at, Pat