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Inspiring Yourself Monthly Membership

Patti created the Inspiring Yourself Monthly Membership for monthly inspiration to stay positive and unhooking of anything that causes interference to keep your energy running high so you can create what you desire effortlessly!

Inspiring Yourself Monthly 1

  • Cosmic Blessing Live Group Call
  • 2 Unhooking Sessions Monthly
  • Join my DoTerra team for monthly Essential Oil Group Calls
  • $78/Monthly

Inspiring Yourself Monthly 2

  • Level 1 plus...
  • 1 Custom Blend Oil Monthly
  • $128/Monthly

Inspiring Yourself Monthly 3

  • Level 1&2 plus...
  • Private Session Monthly
  • $200/Monthly

Cosmic Blessing Live Group Call


The Cosmic Blessing calls are monthly energy updates that keep you in the know about important monthly gateways and high energy periods that have a likelihood of triggering a purge of old cellular and energetic debris.

Knowing what to expect monthly will assist you in staying in your power by using the energetic tools infused into this call so you can ride the wave of high energy into what you desire to create more of instead of being sucked into the release of the past.

These calls clear your energy and connect you into your higher expressions of self and divinity. They also contain a guided energy activation to specifically support the energies of that month. They are also infused with essential oils, crystals, and much more to assist your physical body with the energies you will experience that month.

UnHooking Session

2 Sessions Monthly

This is a 5 minute session to unhook anything from you that is causing interference. It may be from people from your inner circle, the collective, co-workers, or even a complete stranger that is jealous.

Sometimes you may have many hooks that can lead to physical issues.

All unhooking sessions will be done remotely.

Become A DoTerra Wellness Advocate

Join My DoTerra Team

30 Minute Group Call on a different oil each month to discuss the benefits of that oil.Learn both Physical & Emotional properties of essential oils for optimal health & wellness.


Becoming a dōTERRA® Wellness Advocate is an amazing opportunity to purchase CPTG essential oils at 25% below the retail cost. With an enrollment charge of $35, you will have access to many business and product tools that will help you enjoy the benefits of living, sharing, and building with dōTERRA®.

Sign Up Here 

Custom Oil Blend

1 Monthly

Select the Oil that you would like to receive from the Oil Blend selection on my website and it will be sent directly to you every month! You can select a new oil every month to build your collection.

30 Minute Private Session

1 Monthly

This session will be a 30 Minute Private session personalized to your needs. I will use essential oils as needed in the session.

Sessions will be via my conference line so they can be recorded. Toll Free numbers will be provided to access the conference line via phone or web for easy access.

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