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Nov. 5

Posted on November 4, 2016 at 5:50 PM

  Oil of the day. Lemon, Bergamont, Wild Orange.

  Today is a day to be greateful. You feel it in your belly. Watch for signs and confirmation your on the right path of your life. Remember you worth and value this weekend, are you ready to soar to the highter level in your life? Your business may become the same as your expertise, just be grateful for all you recieve.

Focus on the value and worth and confirm you will be supported.

LEMON is the oil of focus. It nourishes the mind and helps with concentration. It support the emotional body, but also has major effects on the mental field. Lemons properties are for anticancer, antidepression, antifungal, astringent, and invigorating. Its good for digestive & immune systems and respirotory system.

BERGAMONT is the oil of Self-Acceptance.

 It a good one for self-judgment and low self esteem. It has a cheansing effect on stagnant feeling and limiting beliefs.

It awakens the soul to hope and offers courages. It helps with the digestive system, emotional balance.

WILD ORANGE is the oil of abundance. Helps with the immune system, digestive system and emotional balance. It is also good for a wide variety of emtional issuse. It inspires abundance, and sup0ports a positive mood, restores physuical energy.

Go to for all your oil and supplement needs.

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