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Nov. 4

Posted on November 4, 2016 at 4:45 PM

  Oil of the day. Wild Orange, Serenity, Fankincense, Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang.

  Today is going to be a day to Run for it. Break free from your own prison, if your in one. Run wild and free and let people know your  unique gifts you have to offer. Do something that warms your soul, if its dancing in the rain( if you have some or make up your own rain), then by all means do it.

Your pineal and pituitary glands are becoming stimulated. You maybe emotional today so take it slower if needed.

FRANKINCENSE is the oil of truth. It helps you let go of lower vibrations and negativity. It helps create the light and truth. Its also a good oil for the pineal gland. the pineal gland is respoinible of hormone melatomon that regulates growh, blood pressure, body tempature, sexual devolpment, and motor function.

SANDALWOOD is the oil of Sacred Devotion. Its been used for the ability to calm the mind, and still the heart. Its good for your pituitary gland. This gland is composed of 3 different lobes each responsible for producing a different set of homones. It can help poelpe with thyroid conditions.

Its referred to as the master endocrine gland.

YLANG YLANG is the oil of Inner child. Its a powerful remedy for the heart. It is also a powerful remedy for releasing emotional trauma from the past. Ylang Ylang can help balance the pituitary gland.

SERENITY is the calming blend. Its the oil for forgiveness. Its powerful effect on the heart, for calming, fear, angey, jealousy, rage, and resentment. This oil os good for the Nervous System and to help with Emotional Balance.

WILD ORANGE is the oil for abundance. It helps with emotional issues. supports a positive mood, and restores physical energy. It helps with the immune system and emotionl balance, and skin, also good for anxiety,l digestion(sluggish), heart palpationsm insonmia, nervousness.

Go to for all yours oils and supplements.

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